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The Importance of choosing the right Product to connect your brand with your target audience

Jetmaster Heat & GloA product on its own has no meaning, but when it is linked with a promotion, it is a tangible way to connect your brand to your customer.  A recent example of a well executed promotional product campaign was undertaken by our client Jetmaster Heat & Glo.

Jetmaster Heat & Glo retail high quality wood and gas fireplaces and are leaders in the marketplace, particularly in respect to Environmental standards. Their commitment to caring for the environment was the focus of their recent campaign and led them to the look for a promotional product that was environmentally friendly. Jetmaster Heat & Glo wanted a product that was high quality and functional to ensure continuous and effective brand exposure that could be used as a gift to encourage awareness of the cause. Taking their brief into consideration, we presented a glass re-usable coffee cup. This met the brief on all levels and was in sync with their brand message “Caring for the Environment.” The large print area available allowed them to promote their two main brands and their environmental message on the one product.

Jetmaster Heat & Glo extended this campaign by combining a lower cost re-usable cup as a promotional giveaway to increase brand awareness and further emphasise the environmental message. The cups were packaged in a recycled cannister that provided maximum print area to include further messaging on the environmental aspects of their products. This campaign is a great example of how you can effectively use promotional merchandise as a vehicle to advertise your brand and create maximum exposure by choosing a product that is functional and can be used more than once.

This product was also a good fit for their target audience, which is another key factor in choosing the right product for your campaign. How many times have you received a promotional product and thought “My children will love this.” Unless your children were this organisation’s target audience, needless to say that they missed the mark on providing a functional and desirable product. If your target audience does not see value in the product that you have provided them, how did this affect the way they view your brand?

If your organisation is looking to incorporate promotional merchandise as part of your next campaign, ask IDentiTech how we can assist in providing a product that will connect your brand with your target audience.

For more information on Jetmaster Heat & Glo click here to visit their facebook page.

Why name badges are an important part of any employee’s uniform

staff name tagsIf you have the view that a name badge is simply just showing customers the name of your staff, think again. In any customer facing environment, name badges are not only important to your customer, they are important to your brand. By having your staff wear name badges, you are letting your customer’s know we are a professional organisation, and the staff here take responsibility and are accountable for the service they provide. Customer’s can easily identify who staff member’s are and let’s face it, you would rather be able to address someone by their name rather than by their title. Identifying staff member’s by name also allows for companies to receive feedback on performance, both positive and negative.

If used in the right way, name badges can also be a great marketing tool. For example, imagine staff working in a clothing store, each staff member has their name on the badge and the name of their favourite garment sold in the store. It’s a great conversation starter with a customer and another way to advertise your products to your customers. Name tags that also incorporate a question, such as      “Ask me about what’s on sale” or “Ask me what today’s specials are” to encourage conversation and opportunities to suggest additional products or services.

IDentiTech currently provides customised name badges to organisations across a number of different industries. Whether your organisation is in retail, healthcare or hospitality, we have a number of solutions to suit your needs.

Feel free to contact us today or call +61394812376 to discuss a solution to suit your business.


How can you make Promotional Products work for fundraising?

fund-raiserI think these days, we have all  had to partake in some sort of fundraising activity for your children’s school, kindergarten or local community group. Over the last few years I have done everything from selling chocolates, to helping out at the Bunnings BBQ, attended Trivia nights just to name a few.

I can’t help but feel that promotional merchandise is being overlooked as a viable way to raise money. With so many products available and minimum order quantities dropping, branded products are not only a great way to build awareness about your organisation, but can be an effective way to raise money.

Traditional forms of fundraising still work, however, if you can also tie in a product that can be purchased as part of an event to increase the amount you raise, why wouldn’t you do it!

A few examples of where we have seen branded products used well:

– A school fundraising committee held a disco and sold glow in the dark wristbands at the event to raise more money.

– A local football club made merchandise such as scarves, polo shirts and umbrellas available to supporters to purchase, in addition to the players being able to purchase clothing.

– A local kindergarten had branded mugs produced  that could be purchased as gifts for father’s day.

There are so many opportunities. Why not get local businesses involved? They may contribute to the cost of purchasing the products in return for also including their logo on the product.

We would love to help! Contact IDentiTech for some inspiration or click here to download an information flyer.

Promotional-Material-Ideas-1Is it not true that we are constantly exposed to various forms of   advertising in our daily lives?

Note how traditional advertising, like television and radio   commercials, offers consumers the reasons for buying specific   products and services.

The purpose, at its core, is to inform the market, promote the brand and make a sale.

Today’s consumers, though, search for reviews and crowdsource for good deals. This trend demands businesses to adapt to the market’s buying decisions, because brand loyalty exists.

Brand loyalty characterises itself as the tendency of consumers to buy from the same brand or company, instead of trying out what the competition has to offer.


How Can Promotional Merchandise Help Your Business?

We have more than 24 years of experience and knowledge in the industry, and as specialists, we can provide customised promotional material ideas for your organisation’s merchandise.

Amongst other areas of identity management like photo ID and plastic card printing solutions, this is where we can help your company or organisation.

This includes the custom printing of your company identity onto merchandise such as clothing, office supplies and corporate gifts – among many others.


The Subtlety of Branded Merchandise

Imagine how consumers feel about being on the receiving end of ads and the blatant focus on buying. Branded merchandise, on the one hand, is a subtle way of communicating with the market.

It provides the necessary promotion of the brand, but it doesn’t push a sale. It leaves the public alone to take notice of the logo, design or company name on a shirt.

Branding plays a significant role in building a company or organisation. Take, for example, how a single photo of promotional merchandise posted on Facebook can impact your brand and influence others.

For any questions or assistance, feel free to contact us or call +61394812376, and let’s take your brand to the next level.

New Picture (5)It’s the start of a new year and if your organisation has a card printer, you are most likely getting ready for a year of printing ahead.

Regular cleaning of your card printer will keep your printer running at peak performance and helps prevent mishandled cards, diminished image quality or damaged print heads. It is considered good practice to run a cleaning card through at the completion of each ribbon or at least once a month if you are printing low volumes. This can also differ depending on the environment your printer operates in. If your printer operates in a dusty environment, such as a warehouse, you will have to clean your printer more often than a printer that operates in an air conditioned office environment. All printers require different kinds of cleaning cards, so make sure you use the cleaning card specified for your printer.

It’s also a good idea to get  your printer serviced if still under warranty. Contact IDentiTech and we will advise if your printer is eligible for a service under warranty.

Don’t forget to stock up on card printer ribbons and other card printing supplies all available on the IDentiTech online shop.


The countdown is on and while you may think that you have left things until the last minute, there is still time to organise a great gift for your customers, suppliers or staff. We have put together a few tips to get your planning started.

Set Your Budget
There is no point starting to look at gifts until you know exactly how much you want to spend.

Finalise your list:
You may find that one type of gift is not going to be suitable for all of your customers. A few different options depending on who your customer is could be the solution.

Ask us for help:
If you are not sure exactly what you are looking for, we can put together a selection of products based on your budget and who you are giving gifts to.

Choose quality gifts:
Remember, a good gift is an important tool in building your brand image in the eyes of both new and prospective customers.Planning early ensures that you can purchase good quality gifts. Give a gift you are proud of and one that you would like to receive yourself. You want your gift to be the one that your customers are talking about – in a good way!

Let IDentiTech manage the whole process:
IDentiTech has the facility to manage your corporate gifts from product selection, branding and through to dispatch. Talk to us about how we can remove the administrative task of sending out your gifts to any clients that you cannot hand deliver to.

Remember a Corporate Christmas gift is a reflection of your brand and of your relationship to whom you are giving the gift to, let IDentiTech help you get it right. Check out IDentiTech’s Promotional merchandise division, IDentiPromo for some Christmas gift ideas.