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Clear Vinyl Pouches

Find  a range of vinyl pouches online

IDentiTech stocks a huge range of standard sized clear vinyl pouches and plastic card accessories for all your ID card, business card and credit card needs.

We can source a range of different sizes and styles that may not be shown here, so we’ve got you well covered!

Whether you’re after an ID card holder or a clear lanyard pouch, browse through our flexible vinyl pouches below!


APCH01 APCH01 This credit-card sized pouch has an adhesive back and will stick (non-permanently) to book covers, diaries or even clothing.
It can also be used on the backs of chairs for place-settings.

  • Outer 60mm x 93mm
  • Insert: 54mm x 86mm
FVCH01 – economy rangefvch01- web A low-priced card pouch ideal for conferences or short-term use.

  • Outer 110mm x 68mm
  • Inner 86mm x 60 mm

Also available in horizontal

  • Outer 82mm x 95mm
  • Inner 60mm x 86mm
FVCH21 – standard rangeFVCH21  web A durable clear pouch. The card is secured by a chain, lanyard or clip since the plastic is the same length on both sides.

  • Outer 115mm x 72mm
  • Inner 95mm x 63mm

FHCH22 is the horizontal equivalent. Measures:

  • Outer 78mm x 100mm
  • Inner 60mm x 90mm
FVCH71 – standard rangeFVCH71 – standard range This durable vinyl pouch features a thumb-notch for easier card removal. Has a frosted backing with clear front panel.

  • Outer 115mm x 63mm
  • Inner 86mm x 54mm

FHCH72 is the horizontal equivalent. Measures:

  • Outer 77mm x 90mm
  • Inner 54mm x 86mm
FVCH11 – premium range
FVCH11 – premium range
The highest-quality flexible, clear vinyl pouch in our range is extra-soft and made to last. Holds a single card or single clamshell prox card.

  • Outer 66mm x 111mm
  • Inner 58mm x93mm

FHCH12 is the horizontal equivalent. Measures:

  • Outer 100mm x 78mm
  • Inner 92mm x 63mm
FHCHN10 – large conference pouchFHCHN10 – large conference pouch This large size 3 compartment PVC holder fits inserts 90mm wide x 55mm high in the to front compartments and a category insert of 90mm wide x 20mm high. There is also a pocket on the reverse that will hold an insert up to 90mm wide x 130mm high.The total size of this holder is 112mm wide x 180mm high.

From conference pouches to clear ID card holders, turn to IDentiTech for all of your ID card holder requirements.

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