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Rigid Holders & Retractable Reels

RCCH01 – single holder

single card holder

Suitable for a single standard plastic card. It features an optional clip or a strap clip or lanyard can be added. Cards can be displayed vertically or horizontally, open-faced.Colours: black, blue, white, red, grey & opaque.

RCD01K- Single Holder


This single card holder is open-faced and displays cards as either vertical or horizontal. It will hold a single standard plastic card but unlike RRCH01 it has a solid back. Colours: black only.

 RCD02K – double sided holder

double sided holder


An open-faced card holder that can be hung vertically or horizontally, RCD02K holds one standard plastic card on one side and up to two standard plastic cards on the reverse. Alternatively, it can hold a clamshell prox card on the reverse.Colours: black, blue, white, red, grey, opaque.

 RCHM01 – multicard holder


This open-faced holder can accommodate up to 5 standard plastic cards on one side, or one clamshell prox with three cards, or two clamshells and a single plastic card. Cards can be displayed either horizontally or vertically. Colours: black and opaque

 RRCH01 – thumbslot holder

thumbslot holder

A closed-faced single card holder which protects the front and the back of the card. This holder has a clear finish so the card remains visible at all times. A cut-out at the back means cards or prox cards can be easily removed and replaced after scanning or reading. RRCV01 is the vertical equivalent.

KRCH45 – fuel card holder

70 KRCH45 - fuel-cardholder

This holder is closed-faced with a small cut-out to remove the card. It includes a key ring on a short chain.
Retractable Reels

Retractable reels are a great alternative to lanyards. They are available in a range of sizes  and with different end hooks. Ask us about custom printing.

 MRR01K – Mini reel

mini card reel

This popular small reel has a belt clip on the back for attaching to clothing. A reinforced strap takes the ID card, pouch or holder. Available in a range of solid or translucent colours. Can be custom printed.Cord length 40cm.

 MRC01K – Carbineer reel

carbineer reel

A strong top latch attaches this reel onto clothing where a belt-clip is not considered secure enough. Available in a range of colours including: black, blue, red, green, orange and clear. Cord length 45cm.

 MRH01S – heavy duty reel

heavy duty reel

Made of metal, this 25mm diameter reel comes with different end hooks. Choose from split ring or strap clip. It has a belt clip on the reverse and is preferred by hospitals where infection-control is paramount. Cord length 51cm. Can also be custom printed with your company branding.
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