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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Monthly Archives: May 2017

How can you make Promotional Products work for fundraising?

fund-raiserI think these days, we have allĀ  had to partake in some sort of fundraising activity for your children’s school, kindergarten or local community group. Over the last few years I have done everything from selling chocolates, to helping out at the Bunnings BBQ, attended Trivia nights just to name a few.

I can’t help but feel that promotional merchandise is being overlooked as a viable way to raise money. With so many products available and minimum order quantities dropping, branded products are not only a great way to build awareness about your organisation, but can be an effective way to raise money.

Traditional forms of fundraising still work, however, if you can also tie in a product that can be purchased as part of an event to increase the amount you raise, why wouldn’t you do it!

A few examples of where we have seen branded products used well:

– A school fundraising committee held a disco and sold glow in the dark wristbands at the event to raise more money.

– A local football club made merchandise such as scarves, polo shirts and umbrellas available to supporters to purchase, in addition to the players being able to purchase clothing.

– A local kindergarten had branded mugs producedĀ  that could be purchased as gifts for father’s day.

There are so many opportunities. Why not get local businesses involved? They may contribute to the cost of purchasing the products in return for also including their logo on the product.

We would love to help! Contact IDentiTech for some inspiration or click here to download an information flyer.