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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Monthly Archives: July 2017

Why name badges are an important part of any employee’s uniform

staff name tagsIf you have the view that a name badge is simply just showing customers the name of your staff, think again. In any customer facing environment, name badges are not only important to your customer, they are important to your brand. By having your staff wear name badges, you are letting your customer’s know we are a professional organisation, and the staff here take responsibility and are accountable for the service they provide. Customer’s can easily identify who staff member’s are and let’s face it, you would rather be able to address someone by their name rather than by their title. Identifying staff member’s by name also allows for companies to receive feedback on performance, both positive and negative.

If used in the right way, name badges can also be a great marketing tool. For example, imagine staff working in a clothing store, each staff member has their name on the badge and the name of their favourite garment sold in the store. It’s a great conversation starter with a customer and another way to advertise your products to your customers. Name tags that also incorporate a question, such as      “Ask me about what’s on sale” or “Ask me what today’s specials are” to encourage conversation and opportunities to suggest additional products or services.

IDentiTech currently provides customised name badges to organisations across a number of different industries. Whether your organisation is in retail, healthcare or hospitality, we have a number of solutions to suit your needs.

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