Get Your Printer Ready For the Year Ahead

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New Picture (5)It’s the start of a new year and if your organisation has a card printer, you are most likely getting ready for a year of printing ahead.

Regular cleaning of your card printer will keep your printer running at peak performance and helps prevent mishandled cards, diminished image quality or damaged print heads. It is considered good practice to run a cleaning card through at the completion of each ribbon or at least once a month if you are printing low volumes. This can also differ depending on the environment your printer operates in. If your printer operates in a dusty environment, such as a warehouse, you will have to clean your printer more often than a printer that operates in an air conditioned office environment. All printers require different kinds of cleaning cards, so make sure you use the cleaning card specified for your printer.

It’s also a good idea to get  your printer serviced if still under warranty. Contact IDentiTech and we will advise if your printer is eligible for a service under warranty.

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