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ID Card Management System

Save time, save money and leave your photo ID printing to the experts

IDentiTech’s state of the art card printing facility and software provides organisations with a fully automated, real-time online solution that streamlines the management, ordering and post production of plastic photo ID cards. The online ordering and card management system is our core solution for ID card software and allows customers to control their data, manage orders and track delivery all via a secure Internet connection for a complete plastic ID card printing solution.

Our ID card management system allows organisations to upload staff information and photos to a secure online database and place orders for custom photo ID badges directly with our card bureau. We still hear of organisations having to email images and data to their card printing supplier. Apart from it being labour intensive, it’s also not a secure way to manage sensitive data.

By outsourcing your photo ID printing in Australia, your organisation can reduce administration costs. Ease the administration burden on your internal resources and ensure your plastic card solution is printed to the highest quality by our card printing professionals.

Online identification card management software








The key features of the IDentiTech online ID card management system and database software are:

  • Self-service – you manage your own data
  • 24/7 access via the Internet
  • Upload files from your own system or enter manually directly into the online system
  • Order a single custom photo ID card or large quantity
  • Track orders online from card order through to dispatch
  • Restrict access through unique usernames and passwords, allowing a central database to function as individual databases to offsite locations
  • Modular, configurable, customisable – personalise the ID card software to meet your database requirements
  • Ability to add or update card holder data on an ad-hoc basis or via automated bulk updates to process large card quantities
  • Bank standard online security

Receive your plastic cards within two days

No matter how small or large your order is, we can help you. There is no print minimum with IDentiTech and in most cases you can receive your custom photo ID badges within 24 to 48 hours after placing your order.

IDentiTech currently provides custom ID card printing to a range of different industries in Australia:

  • Healthcare Staff  ID cards, including hospitals and aged care facilities
  • Staff ID cards
  • Security ID cards
  • Trade Licence Cards
  • Student ID Cards
  • Student Library Cards
  • Corporate ID Cards
  • Event and Visitor passes
  • RTO’s accreditation cards

You can incorporate the following features with your photo ID cards:

  • Encoding – Magstripe/Smartcards
  • Single or double sided printing
  • Signatures and Barcodes
  • Thermal imaging
  • Card Personalisation
  • IDentiTech can also assist  with card design; we have standard templates and we can customise the design for you, as well.

IDentiTech’s card bureau facility also includes a complete mail fulfillment service that includes:

  • Personalised printing of marketing collateral to accompany card
  • Personalisation of forms such as renewal notices, payment reminders, invoices, etc, can all be personalised and posted direct to your customers/members
  • Match and attach
  • Competitive mail rates

Never let ID photo printing take up too much of your time. With our services, your staff can have quality ID cards in no time!

If you are looking for an outsourced photo ID card solution, contact IDentiTech for further information.