Why The Promo Product You Choose is Important

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The Importance of choosing the right Product to connect your brand with your target audience

Jetmaster Heat & GloA product on its own has no meaning, but when it is linked with a promotion, it is a tangible way to connect your brand to your customer.  A recent example of a well executed promotional product campaign was undertaken by our client Jetmaster Heat & Glo.

Jetmaster Heat & Glo retail high quality wood and gas fireplaces and are leaders in the marketplace, particularly in respect to Environmental standards. Their commitment to caring for the environment was the focus of their recent campaign and led them to the look for a promotional product that was environmentally friendly. Jetmaster Heat & Glo wanted a product that was high quality and functional to ensure continuous and effective brand exposure that could be used as a gift to encourage awareness of the cause. Taking their brief into consideration, we presented a glass re-usable coffee cup. This met the brief on all levels and was in sync with their brand message “Caring for the Environment.” The large print area available allowed them to promote their two main brands and their environmental message on the one product.

Jetmaster Heat & Glo extended this campaign by combining a lower cost re-usable cup as a promotional giveaway to increase brand awareness and further emphasise the environmental message. The cups were packaged in a recycled cannister that provided maximum print area to include further messaging on the environmental aspects of their products. This campaign is a great example of how you can effectively use promotional merchandise as a vehicle to advertise your brand and create maximum exposure by choosing a product that is functional and can be used more than once.

This product was also a good fit for their target audience, which is another key factor in choosing the right product for your campaign. How many times have you received a promotional product and thought “My children will love this.” Unless your children were this organisation’s target audience, needless to say that they missed the mark on providing a functional and desirable product. If your target audience does not see value in the product that you have provided them, how did this affect the way they view your brand?

If your organisation is looking to incorporate promotional merchandise as part of your next campaign, ask IDentiTech how we can assist in providing a product that will connect your brand with your target audience.

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