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'COVID Safe' your workplace with IDentiTech...

It is vitally important that businesses across Australia put procedures in place to promote safe work practices that are consistent with the advice provided by the Australian Government and the Chief Health Officer.

Safety measures are to be put in place to ensure that social distancing and exemplary hygiene are now part of every workplace to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

Every workplace is different and it is important to review your own workspace and implement a plan that works for your premises and your workers. Floor markings, increased signage, screens and hand sanitiser stations are all ways to provide a safer working environment.

IDentiTech provides a range of different services to support your business or organisation and your staff, regardless of the Industry you operate in. From the supply of staff photo ID and credential management, through to the provision of PPE products, uniforms, medical devices and environmental signage. We're here to assist you in making your workplace safe for your workers, contractors, clients and customers.

Safe Work Australia have created a COVID-19 Workplace checklist, to assist businesses in addressing the immediate need to create COVID-19 safe workplaces. Items such as hand washing and hygiene, physical distancing, cleaning and informing staff about the importance of monitoring their symptoms are all included.

Download the checklist here

photo ID door opener

IDentiTech's new Photo ID Card Holder & Door Opener enables you to go about your daily work, eliminating the need to touch door handles, keypads, lift buttons and other high traffic areas. 

NEW! Photo ID Card Holder & Door Opener...

Now your Staff Photo ID is even more useful with an in-built door opening feature that is simple and highly effective. 

Not available anywhere else in Australia. Minimum order quantity of 50 units.
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How can IDentiTech help in preparing your workplace?

  • Hand sanitiser stations and individual bottles for staff

  • Social distancing adhesive floor graphics

  • Printed posters for display around your workplace

  • Digital ID Access Control, including temperature taking

  • Thermometers, which should now be a part of all first aid kits

  • Anti-bacterial wipes to clean down desks 
and other frequently touched surfaces

  • Drink bottles and re-usable coffee cups to 
ensure staff are not sharing drinkware

Contact IDentiTech today for information, pricing and preparing your COVID Safe plan for getting your workplace safe and ready for your staff. Ph: 03 9481 2376.

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