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Event Accreditation

From visitor pass management to event accreditation, we have the system to meet your needs.

IDentiTech offers a complete Event Accreditation Solution, including:

  • High quality photo and non-photo event passes
  • Complete on-site plastics card printing solution
  • Complete on-site solution for event pass issuance
  • Plastic card printing consumables
  • Customised lanyards
  • Plastic card holders and lanyards
  • Plastic card pouches and reels
  • Plastic card printing accessories
  • Branded promotional merchandise
  • Branded corporate apparel

We understand that every event has specific identification and accreditation requirements. Hence, we work closely with you to make sure we meet your needs prior to the event. In addition, we provide a cloud-based system that will help streamline the accreditation process during the admission period of the event.

Using Whos On Location a cloud-based visitor pass management system, event organisers can track all event attendees and participants electronically. Event organisers can track who has attended and who is on site at any one time, which is particularly important in the event of an emergency resulting in an evacuation.

Now you can set-up and manage your event online.

IDentiTech has partnered with EventBookings to provide you with an online platform to plan, promote and track your ticketing and attendance at your next event.

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Click here to start planning, promoting and ticketing your next event.

EventBookings is an all encompassing software platform that will help you plan, promote and track all of your ticketing, attendance and attendance requirements at your next event. With extra features to help with your planning along the way including - allocated seating, dietary requirement fields and high levels of customization. Your next event will run more smoothly with up-to-the-minute attendance reporting.

The EventBookings online ticketing and attendance platform includes features such as:

  • Secure online management of your event
  • Design the look & feel of your website
  • Custom URL for your event
  • Event design and custom ticketing
  • Online ticket sales
  • Guest seat planning and allocation
  • Guest lists, and checking
  • Ticket scanning and management
  • Live reporting

Our team has successfully provided event passes, guest IDs, and accreditation systems for huge events in Australia, including:

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2016 TV Week Logie Awards, Channel Nine

We provided Channel Nine with all of their event accreditation requirements for the 2016 TV Week Logie Awards. Event Organisers were easily able to identify guests, media, VIP, etc.

All relevant attendees were provided with a pass allowing them access to certain areas of the event. This proved to be a great visitor pass management system for them and it can work for you too.


Melbourne International Film Festival

We provided all of the volunteer passes to the Melbourne International Film Festival. IDentiTech produced all of these passes prior to the event in their in-house card bureau for a great event accreditation system.

By outsourcing the production of the passes to IDentiTech, the Festival event organisers were able to focus on other areas of the event.

Want to know more about our event accreditation system?

Contact us for a customised visitor pass or event accreditation system today.

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