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Visitor Management

It's easy to manage your staff and visitors with our cloud-based solution.

IDentiTech is a reseller for WhosOnLocation, a cloud based system that allows organisations to better manage the people in their organisation, whether they be visitors, staff or contractors.

As a cloud-based solution, WhosOnLocation can manage multiple sites in real-time, scale to suit any organisation, and create the depth of interface that suits your individual business needs.

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Visitor & Staff Management

As a comprehensive visitor management system, your organisation can:

  • Print visitor passes
  • Receive arrival notifications via SMS (text)  and email
  • Register Visitors via Check-in kiosks
  • Repeat Visitor Quick Check-in
  • Recurring Visitor Identification
  • Pre-register people and groups
  • Evacuation report access via Buddy
  • Health & Safety Messaging to Visitors
  • Visitor Reporting

Evacuation Management

Verify the safety of your people during an emergency, away from the situation of risk using our online emergency management tools. Have the most accurate information and verification capabilities in that critical ‘golden hour’.

Our evacuation management tools allow you to:

  • Know which staff, contractors and visitors need help to evacuate
  • Inform people their visitor will need help to evacuate
  • Head counts accessed from any mobile phone
  • Request people verify their safety via SMS (text)
  • Contact an evacuation buddy for key information
  • Download evacuation reports

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Contractor Management

WhosOnLocation provides accurate recall of contractor information to ensure your business meets safety and security compliances. WhosOnLocation holds valid qualifications and insurance permits, allows reconciliation of invoices for time charged, and has the added feature of an induction management system.

Here are some of the features of the Contractor Management System:

  • Evacuation Reporting
  • Overdue Alerts
  • Denial of access alerts
  • Restricted Items on site
  • Hazard Warnings on Arrival
  • Contractor ID Card and photo look up
  • Contractor Auto site Log out
  • Multiple location management
  • Reporting

For more information on any of these solutions, please contact us today.