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Plastic Card Accessories

From plastic card holders to identity card lanyards, find quality card accessories at IDentiTech!

All types of complementary of plastic card accessories can be found online with IDentiTech, making us your one stop shop for anything plastic ID card related.

Stocking a comprehensive range of card accessories, including lanyards and card cases for ID cards, you can be sure that you’ll find everything you need at IDentiTech.

Shipping all across Australia, we’re able to organise for most stock items to be sent way the same day or within 24 hours.

Don’t see anything that meets your requirements here? Contact IDentiTech and we can custom create exactly what you need. Browse through our range of plastic card accessories and ID card supplies below. If you do not see your preferred item, simply call us on 03 9481 2376.

Clips, Magnetic Bars and Hole Punchers

strap clip

SCCL01 – Strap Clip

A 60mm vinyl strap with press-stud closer and alligator clip.

strap clip with pin

SCCLP01 – Strap Clip with Pin

A 60mm vinyl strap with press-stud closer, alligator clip with a safety pin.

adhesive clip

SCCLA01 – Adhesive Clip

This alligator clip with a pin has an adhesive back which peels off and can be stuck to the reverse side of a plastic card when a hole or slot is not wanted.

BCHA01 Bead Chain Adapter

BCHA01 – Bead Chain Adaptor

Made specifically for neck chains, this vinyl strap fits over the bead chain with a press-stud closer so cards or other holders can be added.

MGBAR01 Magnetic Bar

MGBAR01 – Magnetic Holder

This two-piece magnetised holder has an adhesive backing on one side which attaches to a card or flat surface. The other side lines up with the adhesive bar and the magnet holds the card in place. An alternative to putting pin holes or alligator teeth into clothing or to avoid punching a slot or hole into a card.

slot hole punch

SLHP03 – Slot/Hole Punch

An ideal item to put slots, holes or corners into a plastic card. The punch sits flat on a desktop and only requires light pressure to punch through the card. It comes complete with a guide so that the holes are always uniform/central. A handy seal at the base of the punch catches the off-cuts. It will last for thousands of cards.

icon grey

Flexible Vinyl Pouches

ACPH01 195x300


This credit-card sized pouch has an adhesive back and will stick (non-permanently) to book covers, diaries or even clothing.
It can also be used on the backs of chairs for place-settings.

Product size:

  • Outer 60mm x 93mm
  • Insert: 54mm x 86mm
fvch01 web 184x300

FVCH01 / FVCH02 – Economy Range

A low-priced card pouch ideal for conferences or short-term use.

Vertical size:

  • Outer 110mm x 68mm
  • Inner 86mm x 60 mm

Horizontal size:

  • Outer 82mm x 95mm
  • Inner 60mm x 86mm
FVCH21 web 190x300

FVCH21 / FHCH22 – Standard Range

A durable clear pouch. The card is secured by a chain, lanyard or clip since the plastic is the same length on both sides.

Vertical size:

  • Outer 115mm x 72mm
  • Inner 95mm x 63mm

Horizontal size:

  • Outer 78mm x 100mm
  • Inner 60mm x 90mm
standard range1

FVCH71 / FVCH72 – Standard Range

This durable vinyl pouch features a thumb-notch for easier card removal. Has a frosted backing with clear front panel.

Vertical size:

  • Outer 115mm x 63mm
  • Inner 86mm x 54mm

Horizontal size:

  • Outer 77mm x 90mm
  • Inner 54mm x 86mm
premium range2

FVCH11 / FVCH12 – Premium Range

The highest-quality flexible, clear vinyl pouch in our range is extra-soft and made to last. Holds a single card or single clamshell prox card.

Vertical size:

  • Outer 66mm x 111mm
  • Inner 58mm x93mm

Horizontal size:

  • Outer 100mm x 78mm
  • Inner 92mm x 63mm
75 FHCHN10 200x300

FHCHN10 – Large Conference Pouch

This large size 3 compartment PVC holder fits inserts 90mm wide x 55mm high in the to front compartments and a category insert of 90mm wide x 20mm high. There is also a pocket on the reverse that will hold an insert up to 90mm wide x 130mm high. The total size of this holder is 112mm wide x 180mm high.

icon grey

ID Card Lanyards

IDentiTech can assist your organisation with a range of different ID card lanyards to suit your requirements.

Simply choose your fabric, then your colour and the style of end hook you require. We have 14 stock colours available or we can custom print from small volumes starting at 50.

1. Choose Fabric

Fabric widths in 12mm tubular, 15mm flat, 20mm flat and 25mm flat.

lanyard tubular

Tubular Fabric

lanyard satin

Satin Fabric

lanyard nylon

Nylon Fabric

2. Choose Colour

14 Stock colours available. Ask us for a sample today!










Fluro Yellow




Dark Green




Dark Blue











cutom printed lanyards 300x137

+ Add custom printing?

Full colour custom printing is also available. Contact us for a quote today.

3. Choose End Hooks

Choose from a variety of end hooks including swivel, alligator, carbineer, mobile phone, split ring etc. Safety break-away is included.

end hook caribneer

Carbineer End Hook

end hook alligator

Alligator End Hook

end hook swivel

Swivel End Hook

icon grey

Name Badges

IDentiTech offers a range of name badges and tags to help organisations identify and monitor their staff.

We take pride in being one of the trusted suppliers of quality magnetic name badges in Australia, but we also offer other types of badges, such as the following:

Epoxy Plastic Badge. 300x233

Epoxy Dome Badges

Available in full-colour in a range of sizes. Attachment options include super strength badge magnet, standard pin or standard pin and clip.

EBW50 Window Epoxy Name Badge 300x230

Window Epoxy Name Badges

Excellent for high staff turnover locations, our reusable full colour domed window badges are available in standard 50 x 80mm size and custom shapes and with a choice of super strength “badge magnet” that will not damage clothing, standard pin or pin & clip.

Click In Name Tags

Click-In Name Tags

These come in two parts, an aluminum base and an acrylic dome cover. They may come printed with your company logo and/or staff name.

For tags without names, a name label may be pasted onto the tags. Available in gold, chrome and white.

icon grey

Rigid Holders

RCCH01 Black Cradle 300x212

RCCH01 – Single Holder

Suitable for a single standard plastic card. It features an optional clip or a strap clip or lanyard can be added. Cards can be displayed vertically or horizontally, open-faced.


  • black
  • blue
  • white
  • red
  • grey
  • opaque.
RCD01K 300x205

RCD01K- Single Holder

This single card holder is open-faced and displays cards as either vertical or horizontal. It will hold a single standard plastic card but unlike RRCH01 it has a solid back.


  • black
double sided holder

RCD02K – Double Sided Holder

An open-faced card holder that can be hung vertically or horizontally, RCD02K holds one standard plastic card on one side and up to two standard plastic cards on the reverse. Alternatively, it can hold a clamshell prox card on the reverse.


  • black
  • blue
  • white
  • red
  • grey
  • opaque
RCHM01 300x202

RCHM01 – Multicard Holder

This open-faced holder can accommodate up to 5 standard plastic cards on one side, or one clamshell prox with three cards, or two clamshells and a single plastic card. Cards can be displayed either horizontally or vertically.


  • black
  • opaque
single holder

RRCH01 – Thumbslot Holder

A closed-faced single card holder which protects the front and the back of the card. This holder has a clear finish so the card remains visible at all times. A cut-out at the back means cards or prox cards can be easily removed and replaced after scanning or reading. RRCV01 is the vertical equivalent.

70 KRCH45 215x300

KRCH45 – Fuel Card Holder

This holder is closed-faced with a small cut-out to remove the card. It includes a key ring on a short chain.

icon grey

Retractable Reels

Retractable reels are a great alternative to lanyards. They are available in a range of sizes and with different end hooks. Ask us about custom printing.

mini reel

MRR01K – Mini reel

This popular small reel has a belt clip on the back for attaching to clothing. A reinforced strap takes the ID card, pouch or holder. Available in a range of solid or translucent colours. Can be custom printed.Cord length 40cm.

MRC01K Carbineer Hook Yoyo

MRC01K – Carbineer reel

A strong top latch attaches this reel onto clothing where a belt-clip is not considered secure enough. Available in a range of colours including: black, blue, red, green, orange and clear. Cord length 45cm.

heavy duty reel

MRH01S – heavy duty reel

Made of metal, this 25mm diameter reel comes with different end hooks. Choose from split ring or strap clip. It has a belt clip on the reverse and is preferred by hospitals where infection-control is paramount. Cord length 51cm. Can also be custom printed with your company branding.