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Make onboarding new clients and employees easier with custom packs

March 26, 2023

Use IDentiTech’s speciality services to create a custom pack for your business that you can order every time you’re onboarding a new client or employee.

Browse our promotional items range to decide the items you would like to include in your packs, then when you hire a new employee you can call IDentiTech and order a new staff pack for your business, making the onboarding process quick and easy, especially for larger businesses. 

Staff packs might include an ID card or name badge, branded lanyard, uniform, coffee cup, notebook or stationery, but you are able to pick and choose which items will suit your needs.

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When signing on a new client, you may like to send them a gift as a token of a budding professional relationship. You may also need to organise visitor access for your contacts if they are required on-site in the future. 

IDentiTech has a wide range of options for client gifting, packaging that shows off your brand, and visitor access solutions. 


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With our wide range of suppliers, IDentiTech can offer eco-friendly options for either pack so the convenience we offer doesn't have to cost the values of your business.