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Show your best side with Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

October 02, 2022

Eco-Friendly Promotional Products are an important alternative to traditional promotional products, that don’t cost the earth, and help minimise the impact and effects your business has on our environment.

When it comes to how you go about promoting your brand, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right methods. After all, your company’s name is on the line, so you want to make a wise choice, and one that resonates with your clients, customers and prospects.

When we think about promotional products, they can be considered as wasteful items that just end up in the trash. Opting for reusable promotional items, or items that can be recycled through the use of recycled materials, you are reducing waste while promoting your business and encouraging a more environmentally friendly approach to your promotional business activities.

IDentiPromo Eco-Friendly promotional products are sourced from accredited suppliers that 'think green'. A full range of options are available to suit just about any promotional item, design or application. We can provide you with unique eco-friendly product solutions, a full suite of branded corporate products using existing 'off the shelf' solutions, or we can custom design your product or promotional pack.


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We hate to be the ones to say it but, yes.........Christmas is on it's way!

With a full range of Eco-Friendly product options available to you off the shelf, or as a custom designed solution for your business brand or service. Give yourself plenty of lead time and organise your Eco-Friendly Promotional Christmas Gifts today!


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