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Winter Essentials with IDentiPromo

August 01, 2023

As your body expends energy trying to keep warm in the cold weather, it becomes more difficult for your brain to remain focused. As such it’s vital to the productivity of your workplace to keep the temperature at a reasonable level for your whole team- but that can be difficult with just a thermostat. 

You may have noticed a disparity among staff members in how the weather affects them, with studies proving that women, who generally have lower metabolic rates than men, are less productive and have lower cognitive performance as the temperature drops. 

In order to keep your whole team comfortable and at their best, you may wish to provide apparel to them that includes a range of options for warmth levels. IDentiTech can offer you matching styles in different garments and our supplies have a wide selection of knitwear and fleece as well as puffer jackets and vests. We can help you to mix and match different items to form one cohesive apparel range for your workplace.

To further help your staff adjust their heat levels as suits them, warming accessories are also available and along with your uniforms or general workwear, can be branded with your business’s logo. We have access to top quality beanies, gloves, hoodies, and heavy-duty socks and boots for workers doing a bit of hard yakka.  

Thermoses and mugs are also available from IDentiTech as gifts to your team (or clients) to help them get through the last leg of winter, and to thank them for everything that they do.