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Get Back To Photo ID Cards

January 03, 2023

It's time to get back to it, but starting the new year means all sorts of administrative headaches.

Aside from planning or undertaking your new business strategy, office admin needs to be taken care of, reports need to be prepared, marketing plans need to be drafted, employee assessments might need to be conducted. It can be an awfully busy time. 

Get one thing crossed off by choosing IDentiTech to take care of your photo ID cards. 

Depending in your organisation, these might be:

  • Staff ID cards
  • Access passes
  • Library and student cards
  • Security ID cards
  • RTO’s accreditation cards
  • Trade Licence Cards 

Each organisation will have a different set of needs, and IDentiTech will rise to the challenge every time.

IDentiTech provide services to a number of companies that have various photo ID requirements. We often work with organisations in the corporate, healthcare, education and government sectors. 

At IDentiTech we can provide simple short-run orders for small batches, or for larger orders or continued identity management, IDentiTech use a system called SOMS that allows you to control your staff data and place orders with ease.



We still hear of organisations having to email images and data to their card printing supplier. Apart from it being labour intensive, it’s also not a secure way to manage sensitive data. SOMS has bank standard online security and is more appropriate for ethical identity management. IDentiTech has the capability to, and often does, work with the government sector and adjacent corporations that have certain clearance and security requirements.

You can also choose additional features for your photo ID cards, such as:

  • Encoding with Magstripe or Smartcards
  • Single or double-sided printing
  • Thermal imaging
  • Signatures and barcodes
  • Card personalisation
  • Card design