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Event Accreditation - 10% off Large Format ID Cards!

July 04, 2022

From Visitor Pass Management to Event Accreditation.

IDentiTech have an Event Accreditation and Credential Management system to meet your needs. Do you have an event coming up?

Using 'Who's On Location' an advanced cloud-based visitor pass management system, event organisers can track all event attendees and participants electronically. Event organisers can track who has attended and who is on site at any one time, which is particularly important in the event of an emergency resulting in an evacuation.

This month until 31st July 2022, receive 10% off Large Format ID Cards including bundle options when your order is combined with Branded Lanyards.*

We understand that every event has specific identification and accreditation requirements, working closely with you to make sure we meet your needs prior to the event. In addition, we provide a cloud-based system that will help streamline the accreditation process during the admission period of your event.

For more information and to take advantage of this special offer visit the Event Accreditation section and fill out the form provided.


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